Smoothie : Mangoes, bananas, strawberries

Here’s a little smoothie recipe for all of you who like a nice and (kind of) healthy drink in the summer. It’s mainly mango, strawberry and banana flavored. Basically, I show you how I made this smoothie, but I rarely make the same one twice. I usually follow the same guideline, but I change up the flavors and quantities depending on how I feel.

What you’ll need

Liquid yogurt (I chose blueberry), bananas (one is enough, but I had two, so…), frozen fruits ( I picked strawberries and mangoes ), juice (I usually use anything I find but I try to avoid orange juice because it kind of takes over the flavor) and vanilla extract.

Once you have all your ingredients, simply mix them all together. You can change up the amounts depending on what you like most and what consistency you want your smoothie to have.


When everything is mixed together and smooth, pour the smoothie in a cute cup and it is ready to drink!

That was my signature smoothie “recipe”. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!




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