Style wish list

Here’s a list of items I absolutely love right now. I’ve seen them, I need them and considering my budget, I’ll probably never have them because you can’t buy a complete new wardrobe with a couple of dimes only, sadly.

Mom jeans

I definitively need a pair of these. They look so comfortable and yet they’re a total statement piece. Plus, they give you that 90’s vibe I love.

Nike Air Force 1

I like them especially with dark skinny pants and I love the sporty vibe they give to every outfit.

Stan Smith Shoes

Stan Smith Shoes

EVERYONE has those and at first I just didn’t understand why, I thought they looked odd, but then I got used to them and slowly but surely fell in love with the look. The problem is I don’t know what color I like the most, I simply can’t choose.


I love them for the same reason I love mom jeans and they add a little childish but cool vibe to a look.

Denim skirt

Again, there is that 90’s vibe. I guess I’ll just be dressed like a 90’s kid, but I absolutely love the look. I like the fact that the denim skirt can make you look chic and casual at the same time, as if you didn’t even have to try to look that cool.

Off shoulders everything

I just think it adds a little bit of sexy every time.

Turtle neck crop tops

They make you look like you own your sh*t! You put one on and suddenly you’re classy, cool, confident and everybody wants to be your friend.

Little Black Bag

Because a big one is WAY to heavy and you can fit a lot of your essentials in a little bag. Oh, and there’s NO place for all the trash.

Ripped Black Jeans

Because I want to be a rock star and they’re an essential.

Perfect Nails

I’ve seen these long fancy nails on every celebrity and I love how it elongates the fingers. A good manicure makes you look fancy and put together.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you somehow!




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