Rihanna x Manolo

Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish fashion designer that gain considerable notoriety with his exquisite shoes and great talent. His brand is often noticeable in popular culture where rappers mention it in their songs and where celebrities wear them on and off screen. Sex and the city perfectly pictured how iconic the brand is in numerous scenes including the proposal and the visit to Vogue’s closet.

Sex and the City, the movie – The proposal scene
Season 4, Episode 14 – A ‘Vogue’ Idea

Recently, Manolo and Rihanna collaborated to create the “Denim Desserts” collection which, as you may have guessed it, is an all denim collection. It already appeared in Jennifer Lopez latest music video where she wears the 9 TO 5, the denim thigh-high belted boots we see at the end of the video.

The collection, in my opinion, is absolutely breathtaking. I love all the details, and how the style is familiar but still different from what we’re used to see. It is also a good representation of Rihanna’s style and I’m sure her fans are pleased with the designs. Here are all of the designs, but my personal favorites are the Sea Salts Sequins in light blue, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

You can take a better look on the official website, but they’re not sold online yet. All the shoes are offered both in indigo denim and light blue denim, except for the 9 TO 5’s. The prices varie from around $1,500 to a little more than $6,500 so they are quite expensive but worth saving for.

Hope you enjoyed this post, tell me in the comments which ones are your favorite!






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  1. Nice review!
    Very informative❤️

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