Gigi’s Workout Looks . Street Style

Gigi Hadid, aka queen of the workout gear, has been rocking all types of gym outfits this past year and they all made us (almost) want to hit the gym. Personally, looking good makes me feel good and when I feel good I am way more motivated to work hard during my workout.

I thought we could all learn a thing or two from Gigi, so here are four steps you can take to achieve a cool and chic workout look that you can wear to the gym or while doing errands.

1.Lot’s of black: A black top paired with black leggings is usually a good place to start. It makes it easy to keep your look classy and sporty at the same time.

2.Gorgeous Sunglasses: We all know it, sunglasses make you look instantly cooler than everyone else in the room, so it’s definitively a must. Plus it helps hiding your puffy face or tired eyes when going to the gym early in the morning. Mirror glasses give the best results by adding a little bit of colour and properly hiding your eyes.

3.Layering: Throwing on a cool bomber jacket or a light see through sweater makes your outfit look more elaborated. You can make it look sportier, casual or chic simply by choosing the right jacket.

4.Nice kicks: A good pair of sneakers completes the outfit perfectly. Grey, black or white would be my personal go to because it fits most outfits and occasions, but for others, when it comes to workout clothes it’s all about colour.

Click on the pictures below to see Gigi’s looks and get inspired, tell me which one is your favorite!




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