Chanel Resort 2017 favorite looks

Last week, the fashion industry gathered in Havana, Cuba for Chanel’s 2016-2017 cruise collection.

As we know, Chanel is always looking for innovative ways to present its shows to the public. Besides, it is the first brand that had the innovative idea to create and build a travel experience around its shows. In the past years, Chanel has brought its customers to many heavenly locations around the world such as Dubai or Singapore to present its Resort or Cruise collections. This year was no exception as Karl Lagerfeld brought the fashion legion to Cuba, a beach destination that abounds in culture and history. The show was a great way to celebrate the renewal of old ties between the US and the communist country.

The guests arrived in a colorful convoy of old cars and aroused the interest of the people in the streets. They reunited in a burst of high fives, waves, laughs and joyfulness around the gorgeous set that was about to hold one of the most important runways of the year. The open-air street show radiated the Cuban energy and the warmth of the environment. The excitement was palpable as the guests and the population were reunited in the colorful and noisy streets of the capital.

The collection was filled with colorful and wearable garments that represented very well a mix of both French and Cuban culture. The beret is a great example of it, as it is a statement in the French style and a significant reference to Che Guevara. The models walked in flip flops, flat brogues and sandals, which added to the very chill and youthful feel of the looks. They were seen rocking panama hats and crazy prints with tweed or organza, that referred more to the classic aesthetic of the brand. Karl offered unexpected designs with a precision and attention to details specific to Chanel.

Here are my 3 favorite looks:

These are the other looks that caught my eye:


I hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t forget to go check out the whole collection on and tell me which look is your favorite in the comments below!





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  1. The second look is my favorite!

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