I love spring tag

1. Favorite spring nail polish?

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in the shade « Sand Storm ». I love a nude color for spring. It looks polished, it matches every outfit… It’s just perfect for an everyday wear.



2. What is your must-have lip color this spring?

My favorite lip color is from NYX and it is the Soft Matte Lip Cream in « Prague ». It is a gorgeous deep pink shade and it is also matte which I love right now. It adds a pop of color to every minimal outfit.



3. Show us your favorite spring dress!

My favorite spring dress is a boho dress from Amuse Society. It is super comfortable and I love the festival vibe of it.

dress Collage.png

4. What’s your favorite flower?



5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?

My favorite spring accessories are definitely sunglasses! They give me a glimpse of summer and are super fashionable.


6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)

I love a glowy and dewy skin. It makes me look healthy and natural which is a must for me in a makeup look (You can learn more about this look in the Spring beauty trends post.). As for fashion, I’m excited about the denim on denim trend and the exposed shoulders, ’cause a little skin never hurt nobody.



7. Favorite spring candle?

I’m not sure if it is a spring candle or a summer candle, but the candle I’m burning at the moment is « Gelato » from Bath & Body Works. It smells fruity and sugary, which reminds me of a fresh sherbet.


8. Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?

I normally wear the same body spray all year long, and it is Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath&Body Works. I always get a lot of compliments about it.


9. What is spring like where you live?

I live in Canada and spring goes from cold to hot, to cold to hot… it really depends. It stays around 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. It is quite cloudy as well and sometimes there are days when it is super sunny… it depends on the day as well!


10. What’s your favorite thing about spring?

I love the smell of fresh air and going outside with only a sweater or a light leather jacket. I love seeing the flowers grow… It makes me crave for summer even more.


11. Are you a spring cleaner?

Not really, I mean, I keep doing my normal cleaning routine. What I like to do is open up the windows while I clean though, because all the fresh air can come inside the appartment and it feels great.

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

Unfortunately, since I go to uni in a condensed program, Ì don’t have any vacations coming up… BUT I will make sure to go to the beach, party hard, read my books outside and get a tan whenever I can!


I hope you liked this little tag,




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