The UNDONE : the new destination for minimalist clothing

Last week, an australian fashion blogger that both Valerie & I are obsessed with revealed the creation of her new online store called THE UNDONE. This infamous and young fashion blogger is Sara Donaldson from the blog and the Youtube series Fashion Bloggers. She has a clear sense of style and a chic attitude that makes us fall in love with her more and more with every post she publishes.

Her blog is all about black and white pieces, from basic to statement. Sara is the queen of minimalist and effortless clothing. She knows how to make simple garments look incredible and how to look put together in every situation. From her outfits suggestions, to her fashion current favorites to her skincare and beauty posts, she masters the art of writing and helping thousands of women around the world to deal with their fashion/beauty dilemmas.

Her new online store, created in collaboration with one of her longtime friend Georgia Martin, will be the perfect reflect of her minimalist wardrobe. Black, white and neutrals will be the center point of this new destination for online shopping, where trendy women will be able to shop their favorite pieces.


According to an interview from WHO WHAT WEAR, Sara and Georgia « want The UNDONE to fill that gap in the market. It won’t be everything to everyone, but to those who love a minimal and curated aesthetic then it will really speak to them. »

The girls also mention that a lot of strong, iconic, premium Australian brands will fill the pages of the store, as well as newcomers and great international brands. They put much attention in the choice of the clothing that will be featured, from the quality to the look of the garments.

The store will launch in July 2016.

To take a look at a few of the pieces that will be available on the website, checkout these cool pictures:


We cannot wait to see what these fashion icons will have come up with… even though our wallet will suffer from all these new clothes!

Hope you enjoyed the post. If you want more information about the launch of the store, go to !



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