Skin Care Routine . Oily Skin


My skin tends to be quite oily and I used to have trouble with keeping it from getting shiny through the day, but I found a skin care routine that helped control it. Here is my five step face cleansing routine, it usually doesn’t take too much time and all of the products can easily be found in drugstores and Sephora.

STEP 1: Makeup Remover

I start by removing my makeup, if I had any on, with Garner’s Micellar Water. It works wonders and it is really gentle.



STEP 2: Face Cleanser

Second step is to clean my face with the Aveeno Ultra-Calming foaming cleanser. I do this twice a day every day.



STEP 2.5: Mask/Scrub

After cleaning my face, I would sometimes use the Vichy Normaderm either as a face mask or as a scrub. I usually use it around 3 times a week.



Step 3: Moisturizer

After the wash and sometimes the mask, I put on my Clinique pore refining solutions moisturizer. It helps my skin to stay matte all day and doesn’t leave my face feel greasy.



STEP 4: Serum

When I’m done with moisturizing my skin, I apply the Clinique pore refining serum on my cheeks and my t-zone since those are the spots where my skin gets the most oily. I usually use it every night and it really makes a difference.



STEP 5: Spot Treatment

Finally, I use my Vichy acne spot treatment to get rid of and prevent spots.


That’s all I use on a regular basis! Tell me what you like to use in the comments!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. kawaiipeachgrl says:

    Great post! I’d highly recommend cetaphil cleanser, I have a similar skin type and it works for me 🙂 xx

  2. truthorflair says:

    Thanks I will definitely try it!

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