Of Course It Fits

I decided I’d start a series of  posts where I’d post my weekly shoe obsessions so I can keep up with all the shoes I want but can’t have.. And, at the same time I’ll be able to share my passion for footwear with you guys! I thought I would do these post on a weekly basis and maybe post every Sunday or Monday.


This week, I am in love with the Bitchin Biker Leather Boot by Understated Leather x Matisse. They look so vintage and timeworn and all the details and the silver buckle make them look really authentic. Plus, I really like the engraving on the sole, it fits with the name! Since they are leather boots, they are a bit expensive but still affordable. I’d recommend to buy them at Matisse Footwear since they are less expensive there but you can also get them at Nasty Gal. I personally prefer the ones on Nasty Gal since they have a more distressed look and I wouldn’t know how to DIY that look and actually wouldn’t even try to. But the ones at Matisse are way less expensive.

So this was the pair of the week, tell me in the comments what you think of the boots and series!





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