Hairstyles . 70’s Bangs

70’s bangs are probably my favorite hairstyle ever. Why? Because no matter what you wear and no matter if you’re wearing makeup or not, you’ll still look the coolest, Alexa and Suki are proving it. Honestly, that’s what I’m all about, a hairstyle that completes your look, you don’t even have to try. Plus it is timeless and classic and you can easily dress it up or down.

Sadly, there is also a downside to this hairstyle, if your hair doesn’t usually follow the simple laws of gravity than bangs are going to be a nightmare. They’ll always go the wrong way and a bad hair day is practically impossible to hide with bangs. The cool things with longer bangs is that you can try to move them sideways so when you’re wearing a hat it won’t look as awkward.

Despite all the flaws of this hairstyle, it definitively remains my favorite!





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