Simple Planning

DSC_0002Keeping up with work, school, friends, family, blogging, sports and much more can be really tricky.  But a little bit of planning can go a long way.

A note book and a planner is all you’ll need. You can  use the apps on your computer or your phone, but I prefer to write my ideas down. I usually write all  of my ideas and different drafts in my note book and once I got everything sorted out  I put it all in order in my planner. I also try to plan my planning sessions cause I don’t want to end up sorting my week out on a Sunday night at 11h pm. Sadly it happens a little too often because first I am the queen of procrastination and second I seem to get all of my inspiration, good ideas and motivation at night. I also try really hard to follow the plans and goals I set myself for the week. The more I follow my to do list, the more I get used to my routine and things will end up getting done by themselves. The best ways I found to fight procrastination are

a) Staying motivated as much as possible by reminding myself why I am doing all of it and what my goals are.

b) Taking little steps. I try to split my work into small tasks and if afterwards I still don’t feel like starting, I’ll split the small tasks into smaller ones. Then I challenge myself to complete 5 or 10 mini tasks and it usually gets me started.

These are the little tips and tricks I usually use on a daily basis and hopefully they’ll help you out too!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lex says:

    i also like to plan! i just bought the happy planner not too long ago and it has so far helped me stay super organized especially since ill be attending college in the fall.

  2. truthorflair says:

    Lucky! I really wanted to try that one! And good luck with college!

  3. Lex says:

    i got the cheapest one its on 20 dollars on the site! or youcan get it at michaels or hobby lobby with a coupon for even cheaper! & thanks ❤

  4. truthorflair says:

    Thanks, I’ll look it up!

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