Midsummer Wishlist

At first, I wanted to wait till september to make another wishlist but I couldn’t stop myself! So of course, I decided to do a little Midsummer Wishlist. I  wanted to put at least 20 items on this list but managed to reduce it to the min. So I chose 6 items I really want at moment and put them below.

1.Badged Denim

I love badges/patchwork, the more colourful and creative it gets, the better. It makes your clothes look more personal and obviously cooler too! Therefore badged denim is a must for me.


2.Denim Mini Skirt

Let’s bring back the mini! Apparently, I wanna relive the early 2000’s and rock it.

Mini Denim Skirt

3.Tenis Skirt

I’ve wanted this for the last three years probably!!! Three freaking years, what am I eating for?! That I don’t know, but it’s still on my wish list.

Tennis Skirt

Tennis Skirt


4.Slip On Dress


Slip On Dress

Slip On Dress

5.Henley Top

I’ve been wearing an old pyjama top for the past couple of weeks and decided that I might as well invest in an actual top.

Henley Top

Henley Top

6. Retro Gym Shorts

I saw them on everyone and everywhere and decided I’d buy a pair and be a part of the retro gym shorts family. #united

Gym Shorts


Thanks for reading, especially if you got this far! 😉




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