Trend Alert . Badged Denim

I haven’t been posting a lot over the past week and it’s really annoying me but this Summer I am working for a festival that will start in a couple of days and that means  that I probably won’t even be home most of the time for the next few days.  Also, to top it all, my wifi connection at home is horrible since I have to share it with family members that are visiting. But I can’t wait to properly get back into it asap, and for now I’ll just post this one.

Badges! I already mentioned this trend in my Midsummer Wishlist post last week, but I wanted to do an entire post dedicated to it because I’m really enthusiastic about this one.  I love everything that looks cool, fun and fashionable. I like it when you can tell that I am into fashion but also that I’m laid back and like to have fun with what I wear. I can’t wait to see all the looks that will come out in stores during the next months, cause I feel that right now the selection is quite limited. Meanwhile, I thought I could show you some of my favourite patchwork denim pieces from different stores, hopefully by the time you’re reading this they won’t all be out of stock. At the moment I could only find them in Asos, Topshop and Zara, so if you saw them elsewhere, please tell me in the comments!







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