Biker jacket : a spring essential

Hey lovelies!

Valerie and I haven’t been posting for sooooooo long and we are extremely sorry for that! In the past months, we have been very busy as Val and I went back to uni, plus I had an internship in Montreal in the meantime. We have had a lot of fun so far, but we miss writing articles about makeup and fashion.

In the following weeks, we will make a comeback to enjoy the few spring days we have left and to continue to show you, through our new articles, our favorite trends!

Now, back to the main interest of this post : the biker jacket.

For a few years now, a leather jacket has been one of my ultimate essentials. I love how versatile it is, as it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the impression I am trying to make.

First off, it adds a nice street style vibe to a lot of outfits, as it is often seen on models off-duty (a look I literally die for). Paired with cool jeans, sneakers and sunnies, it can give you the small amount of swag you were missing to be as It as Gigi Hadid (kinda). It can also tone down a super feminine outfit by giving it a rough, masculine touch, while making you look sexy. (I mean, what else do you want?) I don’t know about you, but I feel like a bad-ass when I wear one : it boosts my confidence up and I can slay my day. #queen

If you are like me, don’t be shy to go shop in the men’s section : you could be surprised to find your precious! If your tomboy side is very well hidden, don’t worry : an infinite number of biker jacket styles are available in store. You girly girls will find what you are looking for, too.

Depending on your needs, you can either find THE leather jacket that suits you best and use it as a staple to jazz up all of your looks, OR buy every color and shape available on the planet just because. You do you. As for me, having one classic black leather jacket is the way to go.

Here’s a selection of my favorite leather jackets available online :


Hope you find the one you have always dreamed of.





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